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Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Hi, I’m Lucy and I am a mindset coach. A Resilience Coach or even a Life Coach. Call me what you will, but my goal is simple, I am here to build confidence, get rid of self-doubt and demolish your glass ceiling. But there is lot more to me than that. I am also a mum of two young children, a boy and a girl, and a cat called Lulu and wow, do they keep me busy. I am originally from Washington (not USA, but the little town between Sunderland and Newcastle, north east England) and I moved to Fleet, Hampshire when I met my husband. My accent is still mine, even though my northern friends now call me posh. Now, Washington has its history, but I will save that for another time but I still love my NE roots. I also love to run, even when my legs hate me for it. And I love to read, especially a thriller with a female protagonist.

I love helping people transform their lives. For too long, many of us have been living aligned to the values of others. We have accepted and tolerated the beliefs of others as our own. We change our identity to fit in and we tell ourselves that people pleasing is the only way to feel fulfilled.

When I was 16 years old, in old-school sixth form, I was told I couldn’t go to university because girls like me weren’t suited to it. This was my school teacher! When I said I wanted to study A Level Psychology I was given a “pat on the head” and a “well, you could give GSCSE Psychology a go I suppose.” I listened to her. I decided to stay and do my GCSE but I was so unhappy. I didn’t know why, I just felt that I was somewhere I didn’t belong. Soon after, I decided to leave and go to college. Another teacher actually told me “if I can’t find shoes to fit in one store, I have to go to another”. So, that’s what I did and my feet led me to college. I felt finally I was following my own dream. That’s what I want for you too.

So, whatever glass ceiling others have put over your head, know that it is not permanent. It wasn't there when you were born. It does not have to be there now.

Oh, and while I was university, I bumped into that teacher again. She asked what I was doing and I cannot tell you how empowered I felt when I told her I was at uni, studying Psychology! Bam!

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