The main thing to know about me is this, I serve from the heart. I always have done, always will do. I chose to study psychology but I wanted to find out how and why people do the things they do. Then, I would be in a better place to help. I have helped others make life-changing decisions since the year 2000 and my mission has taken me into all kinds of worlds. My career path includes substance misuse treatment, mental health intervention, in particular anxiety and depression, criminal justice and, later in my career, in executive management. I have delivered one to one and group based sessions to countless people and I have witnessed incredible transformations. My purpose has always been to serve others by helping them nurture their resilience, overcoming their challenges and reaching their potential.


I come from a background where people didn't get many opportunities to push themselves. I personally was told that I would not achieve success and attempts were made to sabotage any self-esteem and confidence. This only fuelled my determination and I worked hard to overcome the self-doubt and limiting beliefs I had. Trust me, if I can create the future I want for me, then so can you.

As an accredited mindset coach using NLP techniques, powerful questioning and a curious mindset, I know I can help you remove the ceiling that you and others have put in place. I want to work with you so you can know what you are capable of, you can have faith in your decisions and you can have the future you want.

On a more personal note, as an "extroverted introvert", I strive to find a place where I can escape the noise of a busy lifestyle. I love to escape in books, especially a good thriller, or a run around the trails where I live. Both of which help me reboot during a busy day. Meditation before my day starts also helps me feel grounded and sets me on track for the day ahead. With a business and a young family to look after, I must look after me so that I can be my best for them. 







  • British Psychological Society

  • International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring

  • The Complementary Medicine Association


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