What my clients say


I enlisted Lucy’s help as I’d seen as many self-help Youtube videos and read the books as I could muster and still nothing in my life was changing. I was stuck, quoting from the same narrative I always had and still going no where and I’d had enough, I was bored of me. Bored of quoting the same lines, making the same excuses as to why my pipe-dreams hadn’t quite taken off the ground yet – the timing, money, my family, me it was all against me. Lucy taught that information really doesn’t mean transformation, one of her phrases which I have now coined.

I can’t describe Lucy as a coach – more of a wizard – that teaches you how to engage with the right tools at the right time when you desperately need the support and you know deep down it is only down to you that can get you through that awful, gut wrenching ordeal.

There is a lot I’ve learnt and gained since working with Lucy but the most impactful and life changing has been gaining personal values, boundaries and self-respect, all of which has seen me show up as an adult and hold myself accountable for making things happen, if they don’t I simply change course and accept something better is on its way, which has proved me right 3 times now.

Lucy’s intuition, compassionate nature and proactive approach works and it continues to work for me.


When I thought about Resilience coaching I wasn't too sure what to expect.  When I had my first connection conversation with Lucy, we openly talked about what I wanted in my life, what I'd like to change and what made me happy.  From there, we have worked through the things that have held me back, how to achieve what I want to and a whole new approach to daily life.  

Lucy's coaching and caring support enabled me to look at my ways and draw the explanations and answers for myself, in a structured way, often exploring areas I wouldn't have noticed to facilitate a resolution.  This has given me a far greater understanding of how I can perceive and approach things more positively and develop my boundaries so I no longer feel continuously  overstretched.   I feel comfortable to take time for myself and feel better equipped to balance and enjoy life's activities.

Its been an amazing journey with Lucy's coaching sessions, her knowledge, encouragement and support and I also have my notes to review when I need to.   I'm looking forward to developing these skills further in the future and learning new ways with further coaching as a life journey.

Thank you Lucy.


Without wanting to sound overly dramatic, Lucy has changed my life. 

I've been working with Lucy for 4 months, and the transformation I've seen in myself has been profound. More than just helping me though my issues, she's given me tools that help me to help myself, and I feel like the things I've learned about myself and what I'm capable of will stay with me my whole life.

Lucy's approach is compassionate and caring whilst encouraging me to take responsibility for my own goals. She doesn't let me off the hook and that's exactly what I need! I've grown really fond of her over our time together and always look forward to our sessions.

Lucy's genuine passion and commitment to what she does shines through, and I can't recommend her highly enough.


Lucy is a delightful, intelligent coach who utilizes a new and unique approach to personal personal coaching. I took Lucy up on her offer for a free consultation. I found her to be an excellent listener but more importantly, during our conversation, she asked some important questions - questions it turns out, that I needed to ask myself. I had another session today with Lucy. Once again, she was fully present, listened intently and quickly honed in on creating a safe, comfortable, albeit online, environment where I feel comfortable to speak my truths. Thank you Lucy!


BA (Hons) Counselling. BACP Senior Accredited.

BPS Supervisor

Lucy will help you. I have known her for 20 years professionally and as a trusted friend. Lucy is highly insightful and will gently guide you towards your goals with warmth, empathy and focus on what is right for you. I recommend her to you with confidence.


"I am living for myself now. I know who I am."


When I started coaching with Lucy I had been signed off work with stress, anxiety and low mood, experiencing palpitations and physically "nervy" on a daily basis. Lucy's warmth and personable nature immediately put me at ease and over our 6 sessions she has equipped me with many resilience "tools" I can call upon when needed. Her comprehensive notes and regular contact between sessions was particularly valuable. Having read many "self-help" books over the years I can honestly say that, for the first time in my life, I no longer wake feeling nervous or anxious and, having developed the habit of using the tools she taught me I feel much more positive about coping with what life throws at me in the future. Thanks so much Lucy.