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This three hour workshop is ideal for the workplace. Nurturing resilience within your team is proven to improve staff retention, promote welfare, enhance performance and show that you are invested in your people. With our tailored course, your team will learn how to explore their own resources to develop their resilience within them. 

  • ​Adaptability in thinking

  • Nurturing a growth mindset

  • Looking for opportunities in setbacks

  • Goal setting and finding your purpose​

  • Reframing thoughts and perspectives

  • Mastering stress and anxiety

  • Connecting and building networks

  • Sustaining resilience through uncertainty

Resilience Coaching Tree (1).jpg

A group coaching experience for anyone who would like to transform their mindset. From victimhood to ownership, from imposter syndrome to stepping into your power. Join Lucy Wooldridge live as she delivers each aspects of the course material which you can apply to your own situations. Each session is one hour and the experience is covered over five weeks. Lucy is available for questions throughout your learning. 

  •  Know your values and qualities

  • Explore your sense of purpose

  • Understanding perfectionism

  • Goal setting and planning

  • Reframing self-limiting beliefs

  • Looking at setbacks as opportunities

  • Understanding the power of failure

  • Mastering stress and anxiety

  • Sustaining resilience through tough change and uncertainty 


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