What is resilience?

...And what does it look like?

Resilience is the ability to have elasticity with our thoughts, positive in our mindset and open to risk and failure. But what does that mean? Sometimes it helps to look at how a lack of resilience shows up for us, before we can nurture resilience in ourselves and others.

Take a look at the following statements and see how much you agree…

  • I can control my emotions under pressure

  • I can take control under uncertainty

  • I manage my way through difficulty

  • I am decisive 

  • I use strategies to manage stress

  • I ask for help when needed

  • I am flexible with change

  • Recognise when I need to develop new skills or behaviours 

These are just a few examples that may give some insight into your resilience. You may identify with a few of these statements, or many of them. No matter what, please know that resilience can come and go and no-one has a deeper reservoir of resilience than anyone else.


What makes someone seem more resilient? Their positive mindset, flexible thinking, how they adapt to change, an awareness of values, emotional control, and an ability to seek support when needed. These are just a few of the things that help us cope with pressures and adversity.

Resilience does not make us invincible. It simply gives us the strength, energy and knowledge to take risks, adapt to change, take on external pressures and the space to learn and grow.